AC Diagnostic, Service & Repair

Let us Cool You Down

Let us help you get ready for the summer! If your system is blowing cool (not cold) air, or even worse, hot air, there are many reasons that this may occurs. Some of these reasons may include:

  • Low refrigerant level
  • The AC compressor not turning or pumping properly
  • Control problems
  • Bad valves or sensors

Don’t risk damaging your system by guessing. Let us run a diagnostic and find the true problem.

Vehicles ranging from 1993 and prior use R12 refrigerant systems. Repair and maintenance for these older systems are very difficult as the parts for them are no longer available. Not to worry, however! We’ll save you from that hot summer heat by converting your R12 system to the current R134, a refrigerant that all vehicles use today.

Let us repair your system correctly to extend the life of your vehicle’s AC Compressor, which happens to be the most expensive component on A/C unit.